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read your tags of Paige as A,why would she be a lousy A?can you elaborate? What's your idealized uber A?I just feel that Paige could be an A,given the proper motivation, just not uber A


It’s not necessarily about Paige making a lousy A, as I said in the tag I actually think Lindsey would make a very good villain. The problem is that the foundation just isn’t there for Paige on the ‘A’ team to make sense in a way that would be more than just another red herring like with Ezra or Toby, or a way to have somebody close to the liars be the betrayer without sacrificing one of the heterosexual romances.

(this got longer than I intended so the rest of my thoughts are under the cut)

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Take a chance (4/?)


Part 4! Warning for: sexual content. 

Spencer startled in alarm when her bedroom door was shoved open. She looked up to see Hanna stroll inside. “Hanna! What are you doing here? And what’s so important that you almost had to take my door off it’s hinges?”

“Sex.” Hanna answered simply as she took a seat on Spencer’s bed.

“I appreciate the offer but I’m not really in the mood.” Spencer replied dryly. She shut her open laptop and pushed it to the side, mindful of Hanna’s habit of not paying attention while rolling around on her bed. “Maybe you should ask your girlfriend.”

“No, I mean I need to talk to you about sex.” Hanna crawled over the bed, plonking herself down next to Spencer. “Specifically, lesbian sex.”

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